Moon Cocktails

*** Painting Contest Winner #1  —  Carina Gervacio ***

About 2 months ago we had a housewarming party at which I held a painting contest. Each party-goer could submit up to 3 ideas for a painting, I would pick my favorite three, paint them, and give them to that person. Carina’s idea, “Moon Cocktails”, intrigued me; it sounded exciting and mysterious but it was also very open-ended. I painted this all in one sitting in a not-unaltered state of mind.

HEALTH WARNING: Do not eat Cheddar Cheese in excess with Carini’s Moon Cocktails. Side effects include spontaneous combustion, spontaneous orgasms, and just plain spontaneity. Carini is not responsible for Hallucinogenic Unicorn sighting during consumption of her Moon Cocktails.

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3 Responses to Moon Cocktails

  1. Carini says:

    This painting is amazing, and I am getting a moon cocktail buzz just looking at it. Thanks for taking choosing my idea and Filipowichizing it–my life and my living room are just never gonna be the same again.

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