Metaphysical Quandry

An old crayon sketch. This has a Wassily Kandinsky (sp?) feel. My painting for Ben Husch, Painting Contest Winner #2, is done and ready to post. But I haven’t given it to him yet and I prefer to do that before I publicly post it. Ben’s painting is insaner than Carini’s Moon Cocktails (Painting Contest Winner #1, a post or two below) if that is even possible. You’ll just have to wait a couple days and trust me, but it is REALLY WEIRD!!?! I mean really really weird. I say all of this as if this “Metaphysical Quandry” sketch above is normal or sumthin’, ha – CTM (Chuckle To Myself). [I estimate that less than 10% of “LOL”s actually reference audible laughter so I created CTM as a more realistic alternative]. This post is becoming desultory so I will end it here. [DESULTORY: adj 1. passing or jumping from one thing to another, esp in a fitful way; unmethodical; disconnected 2. occurring in a random or incidental way; haphazard, a desultory thought. [from Latin dēsultōrius, relating to one who vaults or jumps, hence superficial].] All this entomology is really bugging me…or do I mean etymology? Since I am still typing……I made this “Metaphysical Quandry” sketch when in Ireland. I showed it to a professional artist who was giving us a presentation in our little Irish village. With his hand he covered up the little black-line shape towards the upper left, he cocked his head as he looked, and he said “Hmmmm….Hey, that’s pretty good.” I think that little black-line shape adds to the sketch, but I guess he didn’t.

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