These Eyes

There are many sets of eyes and animal/creature heads in this sketch, but obvs they are not obvs. If you want a challenge, look around and see if you can spot them. Many are adumbrated**, so think/look outside the box. There is also other bizarre stuff that may amuse/interest you.

**Adumbrate – verb

1. to outline; give a faint indication of
2. to foreshadow
3. to overshadow; obscure

[from Latin adumbrātus represented only in outline, from adumbrāre to cast a shadow on, from umbra shadow]
Again, all of this entomology is really bugging me…or do I mean etymology?
[I used that joke two posts ago on “Metaphysical Quandry” but no one mentioned that they noticed it so I am throwing it in there again.]
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