Agbayani’s Alligator


Ben’s entry was a Louisiana bayou with a spanish moss tree, an alligator, and an old rowboat. I went a little overboard with my interpretation of his idea. But as I have told Ben, his idea for Spanish Moss was amazing. I have printed out many pictures of spanish moss and will likely use this subject in future paintings. This painting does not really do justice to the spanish moss concept because I took a more “zany” manner of portraying it.

I also note that Ben is somewhat of a creative genius. Another of his entries was a whale skeleton in an urban setting…..intriguing. And yesterday for my ‘Nova / Uconn watch party I held another painting contest and he has an entry for a scene with burning oil rigs on the horizon contrasted with a natural setting…..intriguing squared.

FYI: Ben Husch prefers to be called “Agbayani” for some strange reason. If you accidentally forget to call him “Agbayani” then he will bite you on the shoulder.

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2 Responses to Agbayani’s Alligator

  1. Ursula says:

    I like this one more than I liked the idea. Why? Because the idea was not zany. I should have known you would fix that. Too bad it’s spoken for!

  2. Ben says:

    My idea may not be zanny but it provides platform to dive into zanyness. I heart my painting and its currently hanging up over our fireplace

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