Black Snake Roses

Humans are balls of energy. But how many of those crazy critters let out their energy sufficiently, 1%, 2%? Most of them sit at computers all day long, or work at boring jobs, and then go home and watch TV until bedtime. With the way our society works, I don’t even know how possible it is to let out all of this energy, with all these constraints and social norms and inhibitions. Just pent up balls of energy without enough outlets. Hence the prevalence of drug use -including legal drugs like caffeine and booze – a bunch of people perpetually sedating themselves. And the prevalence of mental illness and unhealthy behavior. A damn waste of potential. We need more sports and socializing and art and games and time outdoors and vacations. Life is a drug, with only good side effects and no hangover, but we don’t even let ourselves get the appropriate dosage!!!

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