Disarray Flowers

DC is hot and humid and sweaty in the summer. On my walk to work today I was thinking about some perspiration calculus. If one were to walk as slowly as possible, or even stand still, you would end up sweating a ton eventually from the heat. Conversely, if I ran to work, I would sweat a ton from the exercise. Therefore, there is some optimal speed in the middle to minimize my sweating. I am lucky because I am not a sweaty person in general, but it’s impossible not to sweat here in DC. So I need to find this optimal speed.

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2 Responses to Disarray Flowers

  1. cj says:

    also need to consider that a higher speed would increase wind resistance, which would not decrease your sweating, but would increase the rate at which your sweat evaporates. at least thats how i think it would work

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