Dear John Boehner

Dear John Boehner:
I like you. One of the reasons I like you is because you frequently cry in public: 1) it takes more of a Man to cry than to channel those feelings into other emotions or actions (such as anger, aggression, or pounding shots of whisky) which are misconstrued as more “manly”; and 2) it shows that you genuinely care about what you are fighting for. But in this current debt limit fight, you should have shunned your infantile, selfish, hateful, destructive caucus to strike that “grand bargain” $4 trillion deficit reduction package: 1) it is FAR better public policy than this other shit we will end up with; 2) it is FAR more in line with the actual will of the american people; and 3) you would have emerged as a badass and would have earned epic respect from democrats and independents for doing the right thing instead of capitulating to the idiot House Republicans. Yes, you would have lost your Speakership, but you would likely have gone onto bigger and better things for such a noble action.

As far as this painting goes, it is for my friend Brett and it is now hanging in our office. I painted this over Mystical Tree which was hanging in my condo for a while but no one really expressed any interest in it. Some sort of Darwinian survival of the fittest for art. But maybe that Mystical Tree served a greater purpose by evolving into that tree in the foreground from which that birdie takes flight to deliver this note to the Speaker of the Hizzy!

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