This morning was the “walk of the kitty-cat”. First I spotted a beautiful grey cat lounging in the sun in a front yard. When he saw me he popped up immediately and meowed loudly. I stopped to observe him and he began “putting on a show”, rolling around on his back like a rascal as he continued to meow and look at me. We meowed back and forth a bit. Eventually he came over to the fence and I pet him, he even got playful and nipped at my hands. I bid him adieu, and looking back I saw that he watched me as I left. I then happened upon another social feline. She too meowed and I pet her. She was skinny and orange. Then a big ol’ fat grey/black-striped cat came over and jockeyed for attention. When I left, the orange cat walked beside me, meowing and walking into my path to prevent me from leaving, the audacity! Did I roll around in catnip last night or something?

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