Becky’s Piano VI

Happy birthday Becky.
Here is the progression of this painting:
Hecker’s Pianista 4/22/2011
Becky’s Piano, revisited 5/29/2011
No Piano 6/28/2011
El Pianisto 8/26/2011
Keys 8/30/2011
Becky’s Piano VI (above)
Probably more to come but I’m gonna hang this on the wall and give it a rest for a while, I kind of like this version anyway. And I think this one has an “in utero”, womb-type feeling, which is apt.

And here are 2 other ones, obvs not part of the painting progression:
Becky’s Piano (from the living room) 1/03/2011
Becky’s Piano 1/2/2011

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