si, bicicletas

This painting contains double-images: both bicycles are also eyes / glasses / brows of larger faces. I don’t know if people would have noticed this had I not pointed it out. I recently gave my friend Prazwell a painting, Nocturnal Snake Attack, which he liked and requested. After speaking about it for a while, he mentioned that the name was innaccurate because there was no actual snake in the picture. Well, there is! There is an outline of a ravenous snake circling the moon. This made me wonder whether you, my audience (i.e. my mom and one or two other people) notice all of my visual chicanery. With that in mind, I present a retrospective list of “double-images” or other visual chicanery over the course of my artistic career. Enjoy. I’d love to hear some feedback about whether you noticed these or not.

Venom Factory: The inside of the snake’s body is a production-line apparatus leading to the fire-breathing mouth.
Nocturnal Snake Attack: As I pointed out above, there is a snake circling the moon, adumbrated as he may be.
Anubis: Anubis, the Egyptian God of mummification, is cautious of the snake on our right, but on the left the same snake bites him in the picture!
Green Vinyl: The entire painting is both a top-view of a vinyl record player and of a car wheel on the road.
High Row Glyphix: The heiroglyphics form a face, observe the eyes and mouth.
Eyes Wings Fingernails: The entire drawing is a triple-image: creepy slanted eyes (notice the nose), sharp fingernails pointing at eachother (notice the fingers), and a moth-like bug (notice the bug legs).
Lock & Key: The keys are also an alligators head, symbolic because that peaceful angelic figure is carrying a padlock. 
Trade Winds: The large arrangement in the upper right is a clock face, a compass, and a steering wheel; and the small circle in the upper middle is a sun, a cannonball, and a lion’s face.
Modern Daze: The face of the sun on the right is also a bird flying toward a planet
Circle of Life: There is just a lot of shit going on here.
Human Nature: The image in the middle is a flower and a face: see the eyes, nose, lips, brow.
Reflections of a Disgruntled Sun: A sun pun, there are reflections of the sun in the water and on the mirror; and images of the runny faucet and toothbrushes are repeated in the box at the left.

There’s some other stuff, but i dont want the list to get too crazy or confusing, and these are the best examples.

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