Las Espanas Unidas

UPDATE 1/6/12: I was sent a picture today from my friends that gave this as a gift, the guy they gave it to GOT THIS DESIGN TATTOED ON HIS SHOULDER, I AM DEAD SERIOUS! Wow, i take that as a humongous compliment.

I painted this over “Ra

My friend Josh-Po (of “Javon” fame) has a Spanish friend who today becomes a dual citizen of Spain and America. Josh-Po commissioned me, for a coooool $100, to create a picture of the Spanish flag merged with the American flag to give as a gift for the occasion. An intriguing challenge, it was very fun and I learned a lot from it as an artist. Good result. Thanks for the business and putting your faith in me Josh-Po!

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3 Responses to Las Espanas Unidas

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  2. Terry Greene says:

    Hello Brian i hope you don’t mind i have added your great painting with a link back to your page. I intend occasionally posting up interesting work i stumble upon, with full accreditation and links to the artists. It’s not a review just a sort of i like this. If you wish me to remove it please let me know. All the very best. T G

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