Sun 2

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3 Responses to Sun 2

  1. zorgor says:

    Cat looks very relaxed and contented. 🙂 That’s got to be good.

    Been thinking about symbolism, painting first and making connections later, like we were talking about on your ‘Sun 1’ post. I realized half of my paintings — 6 out of 13 — include the idea of floating. Floating in the sky, or in space, or zero-gravity some way or other… I’ll be the first to say that I’ve always been taken with the idea, but I am surprised to see it keep showing up so often! With my last painting, Zihinsel Manzara, I thought I had done something by getting away from unintentionally painting a landscape… but I see now it was a return to my more dominant, and until now even better hidden, unconscious theme of floating…

    You’ve opened my eyes man. Thanks.

    • wow, good stuff, glad to hear you are making connections and digging deeper into your unconscious. an exciting and healthy endeavor, more people need to do it!

      • zorgor says:

        Thanks — I completely agree. I’ve always taken the time to try to figure out what my dreams are telling me, for example. I just never thought my own painting had any symbolism to it. It rarely has any intentional symbolism anyway… So yeah, ‘like wow man.’ 🙂

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