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Ugly Politix

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Co-Enzyme Q10

I went into the store with absolutely no preconception of which after-shave lotion to buy. There was about¬†4 feet of rack space with a zillion varieties: double-action this; triple- action that; super aloe explosion; cucumber/pomegranate/turnip¬†extravaganza, etc etc etc.¬† I eventually … Continue reading

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Eastern Market

I have the perfect excuse if you are caught skipping out on work / school / other responsibilities. Just stand erect, chest out, raise one finger in the air, and confidently state: “I was at the optometrist.”

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Ring-Tailed Lemur

My blogging buddy Zorgor figured out what “Wdbcf?” means. So, in return, I ask that you reward him by visiting his blog…(click here)

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Lunar Snake

wdbcf? wdbcf? wdbcf? wdbcf? The Lunar Snake wants to know what “Wdbcf?” means. Now SOMEONE look at the 4 posts in the series, below, and tell him. The 4 posts are in a logical order that answers the question. C’mon … Continue reading

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Barbara Kitty at Shiloh

Seriously people, someone has to tell me what “Wdbcf?” stands for. Look at the 4 posts of the series, below. This ain’t rocket surgery.

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Gator Hunt

Did everyone get what the “Wdbcf?” stood for in my last 4 part series? I thought it was obvious but someone told me they didn’t get it.

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