Wdbcf? 2/4; Ether

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4 Responses to Wdbcf? 2/4; Ether

  1. zorgor says:

    What intrigues me most with most of your painting is the marks. Often they seem on top of the scene, looking accidental and intentional at the same time. What is the idea behind the marks?

    • i think i often feel a void in the paintings so i just try to “go with the flow” and add marks as i see fit, trying to emphasize the motion of the energy i feel in the work. sometimes there is slightly more logic to it.

      • zorgor says:

        They certainly do emphasize motion and energy. And I can see you going with the flow. To put what I meant by “accidental and intentional at the same time” another way, you do seem motivated to add something, but actually adding it seems very spontaneous. Knowing you’re emphasizing motion and energy explains a lot. 🙂

        On the other hand, I just wonder what’s wrong with a clear, green sky for a blue egg to gaze upon? 🙂 Either way I like the painting.

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