Barbara Kitty at Shiloh

Seriously people, someone has to tell me what “Wdbcf?” stands for. Look at the 4 posts of the series, below. This ain’t rocket surgery.

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7 Responses to Barbara Kitty at Shiloh

  1. zorgor says:

    Seriously I did figure it out, and am now kicking myself for having so completely forgotten… I remembered something that helped me figure it out, and now I’ve forgotten that too…

    Where did Brian come from?

    I like this painting too… can’t put my finger on why. It seems to illustrate a moment of some significance… for a cat.

  2. You are extremely close in your “Wdbcf?” guess, and actually that does “fit”. Make it a little more general and you’ve got it.

    As for this painting, a bunch of my friends live in a group house in NW DC which is nicknamed “Shiloh”. Shiloh has 2 dogs, a zillion cats, a ton of very cool orginal artwork, and a lot of very eclectic house plants and flowers. One of the cats is Barbara, she sleeps next to the printer and on top of the internet router. The top background of this painting is 4 of the peices of Shiloh artwork which I mushed together. My band practices at Shiloh, our drummer lives there.

  3. timruane24 says:

    This is excellent.

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