I am going to be travelling around Belize next week with my friend Jon. No set plans, just flying by the seat of our proverbial trousers. I hope to see and be inspired by tons of Mayan ruins and heiroglyphs; and rainforestage. But I am not sure I’ll be able to post art up here next week because of uncertain internet access. I assssssssuuuummmmeee that y’all will be able to cope without your mon / weds / fri dose of Cherry Blue Salt….wink wink…

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4 Responses to Prey

  1. zorgor says:

    I will persevere.

    Have a great trip!

  2. zorgor says:

    Clearly profound meaning here. Are you the archer or the bird?

    • i dont think i’m either, i dont remember what i was thinking when i was making this, maybe some sort of fable to be careful what you hunt because it could end up hunting you.

      • zorgor says:

        Interesting. And good in a way — I don’t think I’d rather be either also… I really like the background on this one too.

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