Industry [industrial machinery fridays; 3 of many]

From a philisophical / metaphysical / social contractish standpoint:

Is each individual human 100% their own? Or, even a little bit, do we have some say in others’ lives – even in cases in which it would not hurt another? For examples: (A)Euthanasia, do we have a right to stop others will terminal painful illnesses from ending their lives? Or, (B) Drug Use, if someone wants to sit in their own house and do heroine all day long, do we have a right to stop them for no other reason than we think it is wrong and a waste of life?

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3 Responses to Industry [industrial machinery fridays; 3 of many]

  1. zorgor says:

    1) good painting! I like it. Love all that red! Even better, it gives me an idea. 🙂
    2) What is ownership? Especially with ourselves? Is that really relevant?
    3) personally I’m for euthanasia, but whenever possible it has to be the ill person’s own choice. Things like indefinite vegetative comas and ‘locked in’ syndrome make this much more confusing thing though.
    4) Drug abuse… intervention is an act of love. It’s an act of love and compassion to try to stop someone from harming themselves.
    5) “right” and “wrong” is too simplistic of a view of these things imo. Meaning that framing them this way actually makes these questions more difficult to resolve. I encourage you to keep thinking through these difficult issues, as it seems you are. Perhaps frame your thinking in terms of, “if I do this, or don’t do that, what might the out-come be?” These issues are never easy, but I think you should keep thinking it through — in the specifics of these situations, don’t generalize — until you arrive at your own answer. And hang in there! 🙂

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