Creation Myths [slideshow #2]

It’s only 4 minutes long, you have 4 minutes, right? Just think of how many hours and brain cells i’ve killed so you can see one of my silly lil’ artworks 3 times a week, now all i ask in return is for 4 minutes of your time.

Set to a Lil’ Wayne song, one of my top 5 favorite musical artists of all time, alongside Dylan, Bowie, Pearl Jam, and Neil Young. “Looked at the clock and it said ‘right now’!”

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3 Responses to Creation Myths [slideshow #2]

  1. Sheila says:

    Great presentation, and for me, introduction to your work. I really like the quality of your paintings. Impressionism at its best- very Monet-like.

  2. thank you very much, Sheila

  3. zorgor says:

    Very cool! I liked the flashing mathematical operators. Seems like there is a lot of animation potential with the stained glasses. Also I had not noticed all the frogs before — almost as much of a theme as all your birds. This was cool. Not really a Lil’ Wayne fan myself, but that song did lend a lot of ‘epic’ to the film, and enhanced the ‘mystery and vastness of creation’ theme that runs through so much of your work. I think I needed this slideshow to see that overarching theme actually. That’s how I read it anyway…

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