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4 Responses to Fruitcake

  1. zorgor says:

    I like this a lot more than the yuletide variety. In fact the more I look at it the more I like it. How did you set out to paint this? Did you have something blocky in mind, or did you just start painting and this is what happened? Or some other approach?

    • zorgor says:

      Did you paint it from one side of the canvas to the other, or did you jump around? I see a lot of ‘almost’ tonal repetition. There are blues, greens, pinks, and browns, but never exactly the same shade twice. Intentional, or a product of your approach? Or both? Are those reindeer in the lightest, central block?? 🙂 That would almost fit with your ‘birds’ motif…

  2. First, thank you and i appreciate that you look at my work in such detail, it means a lot to me as an artist that peeps out there are checking it out. As far as process goes, there was beer and other things involved to get break through the inhibition gates into my subconscious. I didn’t know what i wanted to paint so i just started shmearing paint around. I started with the centralish light blue block and then painted that brown outline towards the bottom and right of it. Then, between my three tupperware “pallets”, each with many colors, i just picked up, mixed, and shmeared away. i see it as a balancing act. once i start, i just try to add more to create the motif / style / balance / feeling going. there is no wrong or right answer.

    • zorgor says:

      Cool. Yeah this one really pulled me in. I was surprised by that too. 🙂 I dunno, I’ve often thought about painting something blocky along these lines, but never have. Probably I should paint more often with beer. 🙂

      Really, I’ve already started planning something like this, thinking about repetition, granularity, and lines. If I started with beer instead of planning, I’m sure I’d surprise myself…

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