Magnetic Love Trees [debate analysis]

The most important aspect of last night’s presidential debate was what wasn’t said: 47%, Bain Capital, Swiss and Caymen Island bank accounts. Obama is laying down like a sacrificial lamb saying “here i am, take me or leave me, no gimmicks”. This will define the dynamic for the rest of the race. As the spotlight shines even brighter on Romney it will be clear that he has wrapped himself into an untenable policy pretzel because he’s been willing to cave to whatever interest necessary. The country will thus re-elect Obama.

Mitt Romney is a nice guy. He doesn’t believe that shit he said about 47% of the nation being crusty fart-sniffers….. this makes his comments even worse. He is willing to do or say anything for the most powerful interest – possibly the worst trait for a commander-in-chief. Just as he stood on stage in the primaries and said he would not accept $1 of revenue increases for every $10 of spending cuts (which he reiterated last night). Positions like this are tea-party bullshit. Romney is a problem-solver, he doesn’t believe that shit, but he says it anyway. Under the new scrutiny the country will see this. Romney’s polls will go up from his strong performance last night, then they will go back down, and Obama will win. And Obama will be even stronger for not mentioning 47%, Bain Capitol, etc etc etc….. I HOPE he refrains from that shit in the debates. Stay strong, Big – O!

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4 Responses to Magnetic Love Trees [debate analysis]

  1. You know, as reserved as he was in not mentioning those things in the first debate, I think he’ll be pressured to show up next time prepared to, in some way, include them in future responses. It might not be in an ugly way or blatant, but still somehow. I personally hope he doesn’t give into the pressure of others, but I do hope he is a bit more forceful in how he says whatever he chooses to say, you know? Tone of voice and body language can say a lot more than just words & I wonder how that will change next time if at all.
    Thanks for sharing, btw. And beautiful painting.

  2. yeah i think the next debates will be interesting after this first one.

  3. zorgor says:

    Your post is the most substantive thing I have yet read about the debate.

  4. Sonali Dalal says:

    Well,I am not much well versed about American politics,but what I like here is your image :). Tones I see in the background.

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