Fire Plant [political rant]

Fire Plant

I am officially disillusioned with U.S. government and politics
It is the rabid moronic evil extreme right-wing’s fault that everything is crunked
But Obama said he would make it better, he didn’t seem to try to very hard
The Tea Party proactively tried to make him and the country flounder, pathetic, abject
They succeeded so far, but he could have done better
This Obamacare fiasco is everything he campaigned against

We need a dramatic realignment, fix congressional districting, fix campaign finance….
It’s a ton of work, but it will happen because the status quo is unsustainable

An example of our idiocy: the immigration bill – an overdue and necessary piece of public policy – received EVERY Democratic vote and 17 Republican votes in the Senate, it’s supported by every relevant interest group except the racist crazy idiots….. and chicken-shit John Boehner won’t even bring it up in the House. pathetic, cowardly, horrible, stupid

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