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big blockMy view of Obama’s Presidency by comparing issues the nation had to deal with when he took office and the progress to date:

  • Country in the worst financial system crisis / economic crisis since Great Depression:
    • situation drastically improved
  • Country’s budget in horrible disorder due to trillions in deficit-financed wars and republican’s deficit-financed tax cuts:
    • situation drastically improved
  • War in Iraq, deeply unpopular politically, no clear end game:
    • situation drastically improved
  • War in Afghanistan, unpopular at home, no clear end game:
    • situation drastically improved (and Bin Laden dead)
  • Only western industrialized nation without national health care, over 40 million Americans without health insurance, most expensive health care despite mediocre results relative to other nations, health care costs continuing to rise at 2x the rate of inflation, people with pre-existing conditions cannot get healthcare, politicians have been talking about doing something since Nixon:
    • situation drastically improved despite republican party actively working to make it fail. Yes, Obama lied about all people being able to keep their healthcare plans, the ends justifies the means.
  • Republican party continues to distort and obstruct every single issue for political reasons, no matter how much it hurts out country, and no matter how much reasonable people in their own party admit they are ridiculous (immigration reform, campaign finance reform, global warming, infrastructure investment, gun control):
    • Obama failed, they are still miserable, dishonorable, backwards, and pathetic. 20 or 30 years from now ppl are going to look back at this current republican party and be ashamed we gave them so much credibility.

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One Response to big block

  1. Allyson says:

    On that last point, I totally agree, yet no one can say he hasn’t tried…lol

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