Blue Home, Kottamala

Blue Home, Kottamala Last night while drinking beer by the bay I met a Colorado woman who was studying Ayurvedic medicine near kochi for the last month. Last year she was studying medicinal roots with a shaman on the Amazon. Today we met at and observed part of the kochi muziris biennale international art festival which is here for 3 months.

On my walk home last night from the bayside beer I stopped in to a “bar” where 15 or 20 australians, here on a wedding trip, were partying. Also there was a group of rickshaw drivers blowing off steam after work. The two groups collided into a crazy dance party, three 60-something Australian ladies were dancing on the table. There was also a left handed guitar there so I painstakingly played some of the easy song I know on it. At first they booed, but then I got the hang of it and when they realized I play right handed guitar they were very impressed.

This morning one of those rickshaw drivers I met last night drove me around for an hour, before I went to the art festival. On the trip we encountered men rescuing a pigeon entangled in rope. They let me feed the pigeon some glucose water via plastic syringe.

now I am off to meet the whole group of rickshaw drivers at a club where they play the local version of billiards.

very interesting events.

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